The Ninja Foodi Max

Ninja Foodi Max

My wife has been on about getting an air fryer for years but I’ve always put her off thinking they were just another gadget or fad that would get relegated to the back of the cupboard after a week or so (like what happened to everyone’s toastie makers!).

I couldn’t have been more wrong! Having invested earlier in the year (luckily just days before the March 2020 Coronovirus lockdown) in battery backed solar panels we started looking seriously at what air fryers could offer us. Having looked at adverts for loads of different brands and types we were really impressed by the Ninja Foodi Max, which although expensive, did so much more than a standard air fryer.

Ninja Foodi Max
The Ninja Foodi Max

The Ninja Foodi allows us to pressure cook, air fry, bake, saute, dehydrate, steam and so much more including yogurt making.

They are a bit daunting at first but there are loads of Facebook groups to help out and once you grasp the concepts they are quite easy to adapt from standard recipes, as a rule of thumb cook at a lower temperature for less time. It proves to be quick, mess-free, and very cheap to run, we do try to bake when the solar panels are pushing power out – so only costs pennies to bake a cake! Personally, we can’t wait to try air fryer chips.

Check them out on the Ninja website although a few other major retailers do stock them and have occasional offers too.

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