Bespoke takeaway- It’s the future!

After enduring 10 weeks of lockdown due to #covid19 It was definitely time for a takeaway but we were not really sure what to choose! This is where came to our rescue, I messaged them via Facebook and basically said what can you suggest and they immediately came back with options of steak night, Mexican or Italian. After some thought, we opted for the Mexican takeaway and booked for 6pm delivery next day.

Jump forward 24 hours and food was delivered and we were more than pleased with what was delivered, which consisted of very generous portions of Chicken fajitas with tacos and 5 bean chilli , giant wedges, sour cream, chillies hot!, Mexican rice and a large mixed salad.

The food was delicious, good value (around £50 delivered) and totally unlike any other takeaway meal we have ever had in our life, and trust me, we have had more than a few! It was a real treat to have something different to eat – and without the worry of too much washing up and no cooking, a win-win situation!

Thanks go to Ste from The Tattooed Goose for making lockdown 2020 slightly more bearable with his exceptional Mexican Takeaway 🙂

Have you enjoyed any tasty meals while in lockdown?

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