Cooking Corner: Mrs Silver Surfer Takes Over

Seeing as earlier this week Mr Silver Surfer wrote about me cooking a mean roast dinner, I thought I might start to write about what I cook for the family. I am a big fan of proper cooked food and love cooking comforting meals for people in my house. I am often short of time, so these recipes will be quick and easy – so anyone can give it a try!

The first thing I thought I would share with you is a really nice dessert I make. This is a big hit with everyone in the house and is the perfect way to finish off a roast dinner.

White Chocolate Tart

340g frozen shortcrust pastry, thawed (or a pre-made pastry case)
2 x 100g packs white chocolate chunks
500g mascarpone
142ml double cream

Roll your pastry out (or cheat and use a pastry case which I often do if I am in a rush). You’d be wise to prick the bottom of the pastry once it’s in your tin as this prevents it from bubbling when you cook it. You need to blind bake the pastry and then put it to one side to cool.

In the mean time melt half of the mascarpone and the chocolate chunks in a bowl over a pan of hot water. Keep stirring it so it melts evenly and none of it burns. When it’s all melted and while it’s still hot add the rest of your mascarpone and give it a good stir – you might even want to whisk it. You want it to be a perfectly smooth consistency.

Pour it into your cooled pastry case and leave over night to set. When it’s set I sometimes grate white chocolate over the top to serve – it goes lovely with fresh raspberries too!

White Chocolate Tart

It really is that easy – and it’s delicious!

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