The Jaguar Drivers Club 2016 2nd X-Type Register Peaks Run


Last weekend saw us taking part in our first event with the Jaguars Drivers Club,  The 2016 Great Peaks Run, we started the day at our hotel a few miles away at Mayfield Hall (see review here) and set off for the meeting point at the Carsington Water visitors centre, arriving there nicely on time,  with plenty of time for a walk around and meet a few fellow Jag drivers!

JDC 2nd Peaks Run

The event was sponsored by Sturgess of Leicester and they kindly supplied the lead car, a fantastic Jaguar 3.0 Litre V6 Auto F-Type Driven by JDC Editor Martyn Wesbster.

The event itself involved a 100+ mile drive around the picturesque Derbyshire Peak District including a convoy of over 60 Jaguar cars including a 1961 Jaguar XK, Several E-Type Jaguars, and a wide mix of XJ’S, XJ, XF, X-Type, S-Type and XK8 Styles. We caused quite a stir driving through the lanes and villages and i’m sure contributed to more than one Sunday traffic jam 😀

The convoy made several stops en-route, the first for Ice-cream at Blaze Farm, then once again we stopped at the Goyt Valley Dam were we parked nose to tail along the entire length of the dam.

The Goyt Valley Damn

After a half hour stop at Goyt Valley the convoy set off on it’s route again (the route was provided to us in a comprehensive pack including 164 instructions – which gave the co-pilot something to do!)

Our lunch was provided at the Bull I’ Th’ Thorn Pub and after lunch was finished a raffle was drawn in aid of the RNLI, The proceeds of the day totalled over £400 and even made the local press!

RNLI Jaguar Drivers Club Donation

After lunch the run continued with just the last 30 miles to go including the magnificent Swainsley Tunnel and for the more adventerous the Tissington Ford (dry route was an alternative option). We took the Ford in a rather sedate fashion in our XJ but some were more daring – below is a photo courtesy of Martyn Webster of his XJ X358 crossing the Ford and getting a free car wash at the same time!

Tissington Ford with Jaguar XJ X358 (c) Martyn Webster

The run ended at Chatsworth House but sadly rain started 10 minutes before we got there so it was brolleys all round before we said our goodbyes and made our way back to Mayfield for our evening meal.

As you can see the meet was very well attended with people coming from as far afield as Cornwall and Scotland, we’d never attented such an event before so had no idea what to expect and we were more than a bit nervous at the prospect! But we had a fantastic day, and couldn’t have wished for better. We met some great people and had a lot of fun and a great drive too! We’re definitely hooked now and will be doing more of these events in the future, in fact we have 3 events already booked up during August and September!

Many thanks to the JDC for putting together such a brilliant event! Read more about them here

JDC The Peaks Run

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