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My wife and I are on our 3rd Jag and having been a member of several facebook groups over the years we decided this year to get more involved and join a drivers club! Having had a browse around all the various groups and forums we settled on “The Jaguar Drivers Club” as it seemed to be one of the most active groups with loads of organised events on their calendar. Membership is reasonable with their online membership starting at £33 but they also produce a monthly glossy magazine which is distributed worldwide. To show your loyalty they even sell a lovely looking grill/bar badge which adds a touch of bling to any Jaaag!

JDC Grill Badge Add a touch of class to any Jag!

As well as offering a range of Jaguar related gifts and goodies the club organise a range of social events, shows and meets across the UK and also has several local based JDC Area branch who have  monthly meets and events too, so if you have a love and admiration of the Jaguar Marque (And who doesn’t!) it’s a fantastic way to meet like minded people with similar interests as well as being able to swap technical tips, advice, swap sell and buy spares and more.

We’ve already signed up for our first event which is the JDC X-Type Register 2nd Annual peaks run, which is open to all Jaguar cars and involves a drive through the challenging Derbyshire country side accompanied by 60+ other Jaguar vehicles of all ages ranging from 1960’s E-Types to 2016 F-Types. We’ll post again once the event has been completed but we are looking forward to it immensly! The Peaks run is a very affordable event indeed with Entry being £10 for the car plus £7.50 per person for lunch with profits going to the very worthy RNLI

JDC Peaks Run

JDC 2nd Great Peaks Run

If you love cars, love driving, want to meet like minded people then search for a local (or national) car group there are loads out there and its a great way of getting out and about! Oh and if you don’t already have a Jag then get one 😀

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