Our Summer Holiday Wishlist

Holidays to the Maldives
Holidays to the Maldives

I don’t know about you but we’re finding this weather pretty depressing. Considering it’s nearly mid-summer, we just don’t seem to be able to get more than a day’s nice weather at a time. Do you think we’ll even get a summer at all?

The lack of UK sunshine has got us thinking about where we might go, should we suddenly win the lottery and be able to jet off abroad. You’ll have seen from previous posts that we enjoy the odd UK mini break, but if we could really push the boat out then we’d really go for it!

A Bit of Sunshine

If we had the budget then without a doubt we’d consider holidays to the Maldives. There are different parts of the Maldives that you can visit so there seems to be something for everyone. For us the fantastic weather would be one of the main reasons to visit this beautiful part of the world. When it comes to where to stay we’d probably look at a hotel with decent night life facilities but also near enough to main cities so we could take ourselves off to be tourists during the day and really enjoy everything this part of the world has to offer. That said, a few days relaxing on a beautiful beach really is the stuff dreams are made of.

Cruises are Tempting

We have been on mini cruises before and Mrs Silver Surfer has suffered from sea sickness, but we’re hoping a smoother sailing would be better for her. We’ve toyed with the idea of luxury Adriatic cruises before so if we had the money this would be something we’d like to consider. There are lots of different options but we’d definitely go for something with plenty of stop so we could explore lots of different places.

Luxury Adriatic cruises

Luxury Adriatic cruises

Visit the United States

We have been to America before but we would love to go back. One of our favourite things about this part of the world is how friendly people are – and of course, how tasty the food is 😉 As for where in America we’d visit that would depend on budget – we’d quite like to see a lot of America so maybe we’d do a mini tour if that was possible.

Where in the world would you visit if money was no object?

Holidays to the Maldives
Holidays to the Maldives

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