Which Type of Vinyl Flooring Suits Me?

If you have recently looked into luxury vinyl flooring for the home and are highly considering it as the ideal option, you have no doubt browsed options of styles that are available but may not have made the choice between plank or tile. Many retailers will try to sell you on the fact that both are suitable, but which ones are the ideal one’s for you to choose depending on the rooms that are toying with the idea towards. Let’s look into where people tend to get the most satisfaction from plank or tile vinyl to help you discover the possibilities.

Living Room

The living room has a wood effect flooring style in most cases, especially if it sees a lot of sunlight.

Lightwoods tend to be best to provide a pleasant breezy atmosphere to the home, giving a back to nature mentality which enlightens the room when the sun breaks through the blinds or curtains.

The choice of dark wood vinyl provides equally impressive reflective qualities both during the day and especially at night. The reflected look of a fireplace on a dark wood floor, especially in late evenings, makes Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring a firm favourite


Kitchens these days are usually fitted with stone-styled tiles such as slate or charcoal to give their unique feel.

The kitchen is a room that sees high foot traffic, especially if kitchens connect to the back garden. Even the most durable flooring can fall victim to abuse whether it’s footsteps, water, or food. The benefit of choosing a stone effect is complemented by the look and feel it adds to graphite worktops. Although it perfectly replicates the stone look, vinyl flooring is very comfortable underfoot and feels cushioned.


The Bathroom offers a ton of potential for design with luxury vinyl flooring. So much so that it is now the leading flooring for bathrooms all over the nation.

Whether you want to keep a porcelain look to match all of the fixtures, a wooden plank feels for a natural feel or a black tile effect for a more modern feel, you have plenty of choices. When it comes to room moisture, you won’t be replacing any sections of tile or plank soon due to their high levels of moisture resistance. The slip resistance and waterproof layers also are a huge deciding factor that ensures care is taken when you want to enjoy a little relaxing time.


The bedroom doesn’t necessarily need a carpet to provide the ultimate comfort. Many families prefer a plank effect in their room to give a more settling vibe without the natural discomfort real hardwood would provide.

Underfloor heating means that vinyl is your perfect partner, making the room warm as well as cosy all day and night. Having this flooring in your children’s bedroom is a great implementation due to the durability and easy clean options that will help you in the long run as they grow up.

As you can see there is plenty of scope in choosing between plank and tile in Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring. There are also many more benefits on top of many different designs in the ranges.

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