Why We Love Family-Friendly Games

We have always been a family that loves technology; we had the internet long before broadband and our kids grew up knowing how to use a computer with ease. Of course, you can’t have so much technology in your life without coming across the odd computer game and as a family we have definitely experienced a few. One of the ones that often gets mentioned when talking about family memories is Capture the Flag – a competitive game that we used to play against each other when our kids were, well kids.

We still love computer games and with our children all grown-up and moved away we now play different games, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a need for family-friendly games. Our granddaughter visits often as of course, as you may expect loves technology. Here are some of the family-friendly games we have been enjoying together lately.

Christmas Candy

Being three years old, our granddaughter is really excited about Christmas so we had to make sure we found some fun games for her to play, or at least have a fit of giggles as she watched us play. We’ve had lots of fun playing Christmas Candy – and the beauty of it is that you just have to go onto the Culinary Schools website and click play, it really is that easy! She loves it when we manage to match three bubbles and she can see them pop!


Milk For Cat

As you might imagine, the game is as simple as making sure the cat gets his milk – it’s so simple that our granddaughter can join in and has so much fun when she sees that she’s been able to give the cat his lunch. Of course, the levels get harder and that is where we step in to help, but that’s one of the best things about playing family-friendly games like this.

Plumber Soda

This game will look familiar to lots of people because it comes in many shapes and forms. It’s a simple game of connecting the pipes correctly– we love this one because the graphics are so fun and that helps to keep our granddaughter engaged with what is going on!

If you have any recommendations for family-friendly games we’d love you to share them below


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