Keeping Little Ones Entertained

Although our children are all grown-up, we now have our granddaughter coming to visit us a few times a week – so getting used to keeping little ones entertained is something we have had to get used to once again. As you might expect, things are very different now than they were 40 years ago and so we’ve definitely learned some lessons over the last couple of years – we thought we’d share some tips with you.

Technology is Your Friend

Without a doubt making use of technology makes life much easier. Gone are the days when you had to wait for a programme to be on and your child could watch it. Catch up TV, streaming apps and YouTube all make it really easy to find something to watch. The great thing is that lots of the TV that you can put on is also educational, so it isn’t like you’re just dumping them in front of the TV and leaving them to it, they’ll be learning as they want. For slightly older children we think a website called would be really handy to use too. Personally, we use the website to play card games and relax in the evening, but it would work just as well for keeping children happy too. We’ve had a few laughs playing Minesweeper on there – reminding us of days gone by and I think kids would love to know that they are playing games that you did when you were their age!

Don’t Offer Too Much Choice

One lesson we have learned is not to offer too much choice in one go. If you offer a young kid an option of 5 things to do then they’ll likely find the choice overwhelming and therefore not be able to decide. We have had better success when offering just a choice of two things and letting her decide – the same goes for things like asking what she wants for lunch; keeping it simple definitely has a better success rate. That said we’re not perfect and a little bribery with a couple of chocolate buttons isn’t always a bad thing either!

If you have any tips for keeping little ones entertained feel free to share them below

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