Meeting People While In Isolation

Meeting People While In Isolation

You don’t need me to tell you that the UK is currently on lockdown. Unless you have an essential or medical reason to live the house, you should be staying at home.

First things first, how are you finding it? Mrs Surfer and I have been fully isolated for a couple of weeks now and we’re doing okay! Lots of video calls with the family have been called for – and of course, online shopping! In fact, we have just ordered our second Morrisons food box

Meeting People While in Isolation

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t be meeting up with people while we’re in this period of isolation. Even websites like Love Strathclyde Singles would recommend away from arranging dates!

Does that mean you need to stay away from places like Love Edinburgh singles or Strathclyde dating site? Definitely not – with technology you just need to get a little inventive! Thankfully, companies have done the hards work for us and there are loads of ways to meet people online while we’re all at home unable to go out apart from for essentials (a date is not essential, however much you think it may be!)

Get To Know People

Whether you’re looking for Edinburgh dating or other local dating websites, use this time to get to know people. Being in lockdown is the perfect excuse for not rushing out to meet someone. Instead, you can spend time chatting and getting to know someone before you take the plunge and meet them in real life.

There are loads of apps you can use to do this – Skype is one we’re used to but we hear Houseparty and other chat apps like this are great fun too! Just be careful with what personal information you’re giving out, but apart from that use it to chat to new people and have fun.

This can be a great distraction and way to spend your time while you’re stuck in the house too, so it’s a win-win situation!

Of course, once life goes back to your normal you can then get out there and meet people, so it’s also something to look forward to when all of this is over too!

How To Get To Know Someone

If you are looking to chat to people online, try and make the conversation varied and interesting. No one is doing much with their day so the usual pleasantries won’t really work.

Netflix lets you set up to watch films together which could be fun if you wanted to arrange a virtual date night. Otherwise, look at fun and random questions you can ask or play games together. Try to avoid chat about the general news as this can get you down, instead, use this as a positive and inject some fun into your life!

If you do take part in some virtual dating while we’re all in isolation we’d love to know how it went. Let us know the type of virtual date you went on and whether you plan to see them again! We love a romantic story so fingers crossed for you all.

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