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Myself and Mrs Surfer have moved home a handful of times since we’ve been married. Sometimes it has been just us and sometimes we’ve moved with 3 children and some pets, which definitely has its own set of stresses. That said, moving house has always been a wonderful new start for us and so, if you are thinking of moving home don’t let the thought of the hard work put you off. The Man Van London asked us to put together some home moving hints and tips, so here you go:

Packing Is Important

The way you pack definitely has an effect on how easy your home move will be. When you’re packing up your old house it can be tempting to want to get everything packed as quickly as possible. However, you’re just making more work for yourself when it comes to unpacking.

Get organised with some decent packing boxes, labels and decent pens. Try and keep a rough note of what is in each box and make sure the boxes have some sort of order – a box full of half bedroom stuff and half kitchen stuff will be a logistically nightmare at your new house.

Also, consider what you are packing. Generally speaking, everything you’re taking to the new house you’re paying to do so. If it is something that hasn’t been opened in years, has been stuffed in a cupboard because it’s broken or your children have grown out of, do you really want to pay for it to live at your new house?

Don’t Pack Everything

It might be a day or two before your new house gets into any sort of order, so don’t pack everything away. Keep a box to one side that you can pack with things you’re going to need in your first few hours at least – a kettle, some teabags and a bottle of milk will be a life saver. You can also put in some snacks and medication you might need. That way, if it does take you a while to get completely organised at the new house, you’ll have the essentials to hand and you’ll be really grateful of these!

Hire The Professionals

There are lots of companies like The Man Van London company and their services are priceless when it comes to moving home, especially if you are relocating to a few hundred miles away which we have done on an occasion or two, most recently to Yorkshire a few years ago.

Remember, they’re professionals so they’ll be quick and get everything loaded safely in the van. They do moves like this every day, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re benefiting from their experience, which can only be a good thing.

Enjoy It

Remember, the whole point of moving house is to start a new adventure. The moving day might be stressful (trust us, we’ve been there) but when you can close the door at the end of the day and spend your first night in your new home, it really is worth it!

If you have any moving house tips that you would be happy to share with our readers, we’d love to read them below.

And, take care of yourself over the next few days –Happy New Year & all the best for 2021, let’s hope it’s a better year

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