Vauxhall Ampera Wheel Centre Caps

One thing that let my lovely Vauxhall Ampera down was the wheel centre caps, they were looking decidedly scruffy!

It seemed virtually Impossible to buy the correct replacements for the Vauxhall Ampera ampera wheel centre caps in the uk as they were based on the American Chevrolet Volt so I took them off the car and realised they were easy to dismantle and replace with stuck on logos.

Start by removing the caps from car, I used wire cutters to cut and peel off the old metal trim covers (rather like an old fashioned can of spam!), then I cleaned and degreased the plastics and simply stuck the new self adhesive logos on. Total cost from Ebay was £5.90 but probably cheaper from aliexpress if you have more patience than me!

The stickers are 55mm and I got mine here: there are loads of different colours and style available.

Really tidied the wheels up too 🙂

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