Silly Project – Garden Ornament Refurbishment

Concrete Garden Gnome Repainted
Concrete Garden Gnome Repainted

So having moved into our current home just three months ago I decided to try and tidy up some of the many garden ornaments that had been left in the garden! As you can see from some of the “before” photo’s the three garden gnomes were virtually featureless and the two dogs were looking a bit tired and shabby.

I just used various gloss paints (most of which I already had lying around in the shed) and some small artists brushes picked up from eBay for 99p!

It was surprisingly enjoyable to tidy them up and we are both pleased with the final results, obviously the previous owners of the house loved them and we have given them a new breath of life and I’m sure they will remain in the garden for many years to come.

The process was really simple, all i did was remove loose dirt, paint and grime with a wire brush…

Wire Brush

Remove loose dirt and paint with wire brush

Remove loose dirt and paint with wire brush

Then paint them all over with white gloss to give a base to work on…

White gloss to give blank canvass

After that it was just a question of colouring in the clothes, boots and faces etc – adding a silver belt to the gnomes as a bit of bling!

Materials used, wire brush, small paint brushes, white, black, red, green, yellow, russet and silver gloss paints (tiny amounts!)

Here are some before and after shots – why not have a go yourself it really is a simple project but very rewarding!

Gnome Sitting On Rock – Before

Gnome Sitting On Rock – After

Gnome Sitting On Rock – After

Gnome lying down – before

Gnome lying down – After

Gnome lying down – After

Gnome Sitting – Before

Gnome Sitting – After

Dog with bone – before

Dog with bone – After

Concrete Scottie Dog – Before

Concrete Scottie Dog - After

Concrete Scottie Dog – After

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