Making A House a Home

As recent home movers, we’re still looking at ways to make our brand new home our own and get it absolutely perfect. We’re really lucky that the home is in fantastic condition so there is no rush to do anything, as nothing is essential so it’s nice to be able to look at different options and take our time.

One thing we might look at is windows, because these really are essential for keeping the home warm in winter and cool in summer. We have seen some Velux roof windows we like the look of, but are undecided.

These look like a really good option, and looking at the reviews they do seem like a good choice. What I like about these windows is that they’re so nice and airy, so they’re going to let in a lot of natural light. We have just moved from a promenade location so we’re used to fantastic views and some of the nicest sunsets in the world – so having windows that let in lots of light to the room is pretty essential for us.

You’ll see from other posts that I have written that we’re slowly doing up parts of the garden and of course, exploring and getting to know the area. We’re going to start thinking about what to do with the kitchen and other parts of the house, but windows are definitely something that is on our wish-list.

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