Feeding Songbirds using Niger Seeds

We’ve been feeding the garden birds for a few months using fatballs and standard supermarket birdseed and although a lot of birds are taking advantage of our free buffet we have very rarely seen any finches. We have seen loads of House Sparrows, Hedge Sparrows, Starlings, Blue Tits, Great Tits etc.

After some research and google and thanks to a post by our local postman on his facebook page – Goldfinches on feeder it became clear that to attract finches we had to provide a suitable feed for them and the best option seemed to be Niger Thistle Seeds. These seeds are very tiny so you also need a special feeder so I ordered a feeder and some seed from www.lovegardenbirds.co.uk I went for the free postage option and used a 10% off coupon on offer for signing up to their mailing list and 2 days later my order arrived.

Bird Feeder For Niger Seeds
Bird Feeder For Niger Seeds
Bird Feeder For Niger Seeds

The feeder is a four port one and is very tall! Within minutes I filled it with seed and hung it on our bird feeding station in the garden, sat back and waited (not very patiently!) I was amazed that within 30 minutes a beautiful goldfinch arrived and helped himself to a snack, hopefully he’ll tell all his friends and they will become regular visitors and brighten up our garden!

Bird Feeding Station
Goldfinch on Feeder

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