One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s… Freebie

When it comes to old household items I am sure most of us are aware that we can sell items we don’t need instead of throwing them away. This is great because it can generate a bit of spare cash, which I am sure we can all agree is always handy.

However what I have discovered recently is that GIVING AWAY items can actually generate spare money too. When you have to get rid of really old furniture and it is unsellable, you often have to pay to get it taken away. Near me there are companies that will take away a couple of items for £20 or so, but it pains me to actually pay to throw items away – it just doesn’t seem right to me!

Then you have other items that you need to get rid of – old wooden shelves, household appliances and more. If you’re having a spring clean or having to empty a house for any reason, the amount of money you’re expected to pay to get rid of items can soon add up!

Trash or Treasure

And then I discovered the art of giving stuff away!

There are loads of creative people out there that want to use all sorts of ‘junk’ for their projects, so why not give to them? Fair enough they’re not going to pay you for a pile of wood or some rickety shelves but if they’ll come and collect them from you and take them away for free – that’s got to be better than having to pay for it to be removed!

I found that there are a few local “free stuff” Facebook groups so giving away stuff was easy. Simply take a pic, put it on the group with a brief description and ask if anyone wants it. Scrap metal, piles of wood, old furniture – there’s someone that wants pretty much anything you have.

Of course, giving away items for free isn’t going to make you rich, but you’ll save money on waste removal costs and that has to be a good thing!

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