Cooking Corner: Honey & Mustard Chicken


Mrs Silver Surfer here again, I thought I would share another easy recipe with you. Did anyone make the white chocolate tart? What did you think?

I thought I would go for a dinner this time rather than a dessert, it’s the perfect dish to have before that white chocolate tart, in case you feel like trying both. The great thing about this honey and mustard chicken is that it’s so easy and doesn’t really take any real measurements, so even those that aren’t blessed with cookery skills can give it a go.

Honey & Mustard Chicken

Honey & Mustard Chicken


4 X Chicken Breasts
Garlic (I use lazy garlic)
Curry Powder

In a sauce pan melt a knob of  butter and add equal measurements of honey and mustard; for 4 chicken breasts I tend to use 3 tablespoons of each, give it a good stir and add a teaspoon of curry powder and place the pan off the heat to one side. In a large oven proof dish I place the chicken breasts and slash the top of each one a couple of times. I sprinkle a little garlic and then pour over the sauce from the pan. Cook this until the chicken is down and the sauce thickens – usually around 30-40 minutes.

Whilst this is cooking I would usually prefer something to go with it. A favourite is creamy new potatoes (new potatoes cooked, drained and then mixed with Crème fraîche) and salad or sometimes I’ll do a selection of roast vegetables. The great thing about about this dish is that it can be served with anything and even plated to heat up later, if someone wants to eat later on in the evening!

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